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Welcome to the Pikes Peak Junior Golf season! Please check back here for up-to-date news and messages regarding events, scheduling, rules, and more!

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The Players' Twelve Commandments of PIKES PEAK JUNIOR GOLF

I. Arrive 30 minutes earlier than the posted time.

II. Know the rules of golf... ignorance is no excuse.

III. Learn and follow proper golf etiquette.

IV. Count all your strokes, and those of your foursome. It is a player's duty to protect the field.

V. NO club throwing.

VI. NO profanity.

VII. NO tobacco products of any kind. Absolutely NO alcohol.

VIII. Always finish your round.

IX. Help fellow competitors look for lost balls.

X. Exchange your scorecard with a fellow competitor.

XI. Pace of play is critical, play ready golf.

XIII. Appropriate golf attire is required: Cut offs, tank tops, gym shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and denim are specifically prohibited. All clothing must be in good repair. Shirts must have collars and sleeves. Pants and shorts must cover underwear 100%.


Players are due at the course no later than 7:00 a.m.

"Niner's" parents are needed to keep score on their smartphone for each group, look for lost balls, and/or act as forecaddie for the group, or other tournament tasks. Parent(s) should plan to stay for at least half of the tournaments entered.

Parents or spectators of PPJG participants are not allowed to caddy, coach, offer critiques of club selection, or react negatively to any shot during tournament play.

It is the parents or spectators responsibility to avoid the appearance of caddying, coaching, or offering advice. Parents who violate this rule, OR APPEAR TO BE violating this rule, will be asked to return to the clubhouse.

Parents and spectators must keep a reasonable distance from competitors. The Tournament Director reserves the right to adopt the more rigid CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) guidelines regarding distance between competitors and spectators if necessary.

Parents are allowed to search for lost balls or act as forecaddie for the group. Good shots are to be cheered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has there been such a large price increase in tournament fees?
A significant number of golf courses are no longer able to provide free golf for our Pikes Peak Junior Golf program. 1. Of the $20.00 fee for 18-hole tournaments, $5.00 goes to PPJG for trophies, and $15.00 goes to the golf course to cover the discounted greens fees. 2. Of the $10.00 fee for 9-hole tournaments, $5.00 goes to PPJG for trophies and $5.00 goes to the golf course to cover the discounted greens fees.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, all PPJG participants must wear appropriate golf attire: Collared shirt or Mock turtleneck NO T-SHIRTS, TANK TOPS Slacks or shorts - NO DENIM, GYM TRUNKS, SWEATPANTS OR SHORT SHORTS Soft spikes or tennis shoes

What ages can play?
There are two divisions in Pikes Peak Junior Golf (PPJG): Boys and Girls, Ages 10-13 (9-Hole Events) and Boys and Girls,Ages 14-18 (18-Hole Events).

What are the times of the tournaments?
Check in is to be completed by 7:00AM, which means you should get to the course no later than 6:50AM. All tournaments are shotgun start.

How do we sign up?
All registration is done online. You can use this website or you can download the PPJG App (coming soon). Registration is open for upcoming tournaments throughout the summer although there is a player limit for each tournament so we encourage you to signup for all the events you wish to play in as soon as registration opens.

Are there league fees? How much are they?
There will be a league fee of $26 assessed at the time of checkout. This fee covers the cost of the PPJG mobile and web application and allows for free access for anyone who wishes to follow the tournaments live.

What if my child is younger than 10?
You must get the approval of one of the area golf professionals who in turn must verify your child's ability to the PPJG director. No players under the age of 10 can play at Valley Hi or Patty Jewett, regardless.


Beginning in 1991 Pikes Peak Junior Golf began directing fund raising efforts towards providing scholarships to college bound PPJG participants. In 2009 the Sean J. Kennedy Foundation joined with PPJG to play a major roll directing its charitable proceeds toward this effort. To date PPJG has awarded $183,500.00 in scholarships. The Sean J. Kennedy Foundation has awarded an additional $52,000.00 in scholarships. With the help of SJK, 2014 was a great year with $20,000.00 awarded to college bound high school seniors.